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Our Misson

The North American Camel Ranch Owners Association was established in 2020 to promote camel owners, ranchers, and camel products in domestic and international markets; promote collaboration among association members in the areas of camel breeding, care, and management; enhance the scientific study of camels, research, and product improvement; and shape relevant legislation concerning camels. The North American Camel Ranch Owners Association is the leading source for media liaison, information dissemination, and camel management and camel welfare best practices.

NACROA Objectives

Supporting Camel Ranches

Encouraging the establishment of camel ranches and the development of their facilities and activities.


Collaborating with and supporting camel ranches in the area of camel breeding, care, and development.

Promoting Camel Products

Promoting camel products in North American and global markets.

Advocating for Legislative Changes

Urging North American legislation to allow the import and movement of camels between the neighboring North American States for cultural and economic purposes in different seasons.

Enhancing Research

Enhancing camel studies, research, and improvement of products.

Advocating for Accurate Classification

Advocating for accurate classification of camels as domesticated livestock with USDA.

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