NACROA Management Members

Aaron Scott Wendel


Author Aaron Scott Wendel grew up in Lakewood, New York and currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. Author of several books including TSG, The Cultural Competency Effect, Cultural Competence, Wisdom in Leadership, Fear Paradox, Neuroplasticity, and Overcoming Procrastination. Scott is an international cultural affairs consultant, educator and policy advisor. He has started and successfully ran many international organizations and associations that operate from South America to Asia.

His passion is safeguarding and promoting cultural preservation. Spending over 27 years in education, Wendel has developed state of the art cultural competency training courses and programs that have led him to become highly sought after by educational, government, and business leaders to teach diversity skills as well as create and model culturally tolerant atmospheres.


Mike Proskow

Vice President

Born and raised in the farming and ranching country of southern Alberta, Canada, Mike Proskow developed a love for the outdoors and all animals, particularly horses and cows. Hunting and fishing were also a large part of his education alongside sports. As a young adult, Mike began training in Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate, achieving the level of blackbelt instructor. He could not know at the time that this training in martial arts would benefit him in more than just self defense and fighting and he became confident in new and unusual situations.

Thirty-five years after leaving the farm, Mike found himself invited to take part in the Nomad Universe hosted by, and in, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This first trip to KSA was a literal life-changing trip, as he was introduced to desert hospitality, amazing people, and best of all...camels! 

To discover the world of camelids this late in his life has given Mike more appreciation for the cultures and the people who raise them. Upon meeting camels, Mike felt at home and they left a big impression on him, so much so, when friend and colleague Scott Wendel asked him to form the North American Camel Ranch Owners Association with him, he readily accepted. Through Mike's association with camel owners around the world, he now has a dream to open a camel dairy in Canada and provide camel milk to people in his country. 

Mike is filled with gratitude to be part of this amazing world of camels and hopes to continue his involvement with them and the people who love them. Recently asked by a coworker what it is he believes the world needs in order to bring peace, Mike replied, "We need more camels everywhere! I believe they are the future of agriculture and peace among people." 


Valeri Crenshaw

Secretary General

Owner, Shamrock Farms

A fifth generation rancher, Valeri Crenshaw grew up on a cattle ranch located near Manhattan, Kansas. Even as a young child, it was clear she was happiest when surrounded by animals. As a teenager, Valeri was introduced to what would become one of her life passions: international travel.

On a fateful trip to Egypt with her father, Valeri came face to face with camels and she fell deeply in love. Since that trip in the Sahara, Valeri has known she needs only adventure travel and camels to feel fulfilled. Her family’s ranch, Shamrock Farms, has been known for raising Registered Angus Cattle for decades, but for over 17 years camels have also called this cattle ranch home.

Interested in learning more about camels, focused on spending endless hours with her own camels, collecting camel mementos and always seeking opportunities to travel to countries with a camel culture sums up Valeri’s passion for these desert animals.

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