Camels, Sand, and a Beautiful Culture

Mike Proskow's Trip to Saudi Arabia

What an amazing adventure to visit Saudi Arabia with my friend Scott (and many others). We were so blessed to have these experiences. We were honoured to be the guests of Prince Sultan Bin Muhammed Al-Kabeer and Sheikh Fahad Bin Hathleen and have the experience of Saudi hospitality.

With our group of delegates, we visited the King Abdulaziz Equestrian field in Alfruyisa Park where we were viewed contestants in the Most Beautiful Camel competition and had the privilege of mingling with the camels. This was the pinnacle of the trip, or so we thought.

Later that afternoon we traveled to Prince Al-Kabeer's ranch and listened to many stories and learned a great deal about camels and their role in Arab culture. I, personally, love animals and in particular large animals such as camels. To experience a camel falling asleep in my arms and to have another camel nuzzle me is a memory I shall cherish all my days. 

 We then enjoyed a magnificent dinner of whole roasted lamb and a veritable plethora of delicious side dishes. This, this sharing of food and fellowship is central to Saudi life and I know that Scott would agree with me that the Nomadic Peoples’ hospitality is hard to beat.

Being involved with the ICO and NACROA has been amazing and we look forward to many more adventures with our friends. Until then, stay healthy and always be kind.

Mike Proskow
Vice-President NACROA

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