Executive team attends camel milk conference in Algeria

November 2022 El Oued, Algeria

Funded by PRIMA program and supported under Horizon 2020, the CAMELMILK project invited Valeri Crenshaw, NACROA Secretary General to the International Conference: Camel Milk Overview in the Mediterranean Basin; November 2022 El Oued, Algeria where Crenshaw presented Camel Milk Production in the United States. Crenshaw provided attendees information on the history of camel milk in the United States, an overview of the dairies, barriers faced within the industry and the hope for future growth. The conference allowed attendees to visit camel dairies, camel farms and meet with international camel advocates and researchers

While in Algeria, Crenshaw was interviewed by several news outlets who were seeking information on camels in general, the activities of the North American Camel Ranch Owners Association and the future of camel milk production.

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