Fecal Sample Collection and Shipping Instructions 


When collecting a fecal sample from your camel, make sure it’s as fresh as possible. The best way to accomplish this, if your camel is handleable, is to use disposable gloves and collect a sample straight from the source. If rectal collection is not possible with your camel, you may collect a sample from the ground. It’s important that you watch your camel defecate to be certain the sample is fresh and that it came from the correct camel. If collecting from the ground, make sure you collect a sample that is free from debris. Only three grams of fecal matter are needed to run the test, but it is recommended that you collect 3-4 pellets of fecal matter. If your camel has diarrhea, do your best to collect a sample that is approximately ¼ cup. 

Packaging and Shipping 

Once the sample has been collected (whether pellets or diarrhea), place the sample in a Ziplock bag (doubled up, if diarrhea) and place in a decently insulated envelope or small box. If you’re using an envelope, please include some crumpled paper or other padding to help prevent the sample from getting smashed and breaking open. Please include an ice pack in the package.

Please also include your name and contact information in the package, as well as your form of payment. We accept Venmo (@nickmorrow723), PayPal (nickmorrow@hotmail.com), cash, or check (made out to Nick Morrow). Each test is $30. 

Please ship the package to 3407 N 900 W, Lehi, UT 84043. Overnight shipping is best, but if the price is outrageous, you may select the next best option. 

Please ensure you complete the fecal test form before you ship the sample.  

Additional Information 

The fecal tests are typically performed on Sundays. Please ensure I receive the package by Saturday to guarantee I can have results for you by Sunday. If your camel is in poor condition, it can be arranged for the fecal test to be run on other days of the week for an additional charge. 

If you are unable to ship the sample on the day of collection, please keep the sample in the fridge until you can ship it. The sample can last in the fridge for up to 14 days. 

My Camel Has Parasites, Now What? 

If it is determined that your camel has parasites in high loads, treatment will be necessary. We can discuss a good treatment plan for your camel through the direction of Dr. Charmian Wright. Treatment plans are an additional $35 and can be paid to Dr. Wright via Venmo (@Charmian Wright). If you do not have Venmo, you can pay Nick Morrow (using payment methods listed  above) and he can forward it on to Dr. Wright.

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